David Harrell

Hello! Welcome to the home page of David Harrell. There are a few of us out there -- I'm the one who went to Skidmore College, works at Morningstar, and lives in Chicago.

Investment Analysis and Data Visualization
I've worked at Morningstar, the Chicago-based investment research firm, for the past 15 years in a variety of roles (mutual fund analyst, researcher, site editor, and director of interactive development). In all of them I've specialized in the creative use of language and design to communicate with financial advisors and individual investors. I created the Morningstar Style Universe, a "three dimensional" display of style-based investment performance that was the forerunner Morningstar's "Ownership Zone," and was the co-inventor of Morningstar's first investment advice software.

I'm currently working in a research and development role, with a focus on data visualization, to help create Morningstar's next generation of software for financial institutions and advisors.

Music and the Economics of Digital Content
My indie rock band the Layaways has released four albums since 2003. Our latest release is 2009's "Maybe Next Year," a collection of off-kilter takes on holiday classics.
The Layaways -- O Christmas Tree -- free mp3
The Layaways -- Silence -- free mp3
And since 2006, I've published Digital Audio Insider, a blog about the economics of music and other digital content.

You can reach me by e-mail or via Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There's also a Twitter feed for the Digital Audio Insider blog.