David Harrell
Proven innovator and creator of new tools and methodologies for investment research and analysis

I'm an experienced analyst, researcher, and editor with a mile-wide creative streak. Throughout my career at Morningstar, Inc., I've invented and implemented new ways to better communicate complex investment ideas and data. Examples include the Morningstar Style Universe, a three dimensional display of style-based investment performance that was the forerunner Morningstar's Ownership Zone, ClearFuture, Morningstar's first investment advice software, and the Portfolio Stack, a new way to analyze investment portfolios.

In my current role, I'm part of a small Research Integration team, working to better integrate Morningstar's IP into our products and services. I also serve on the editorial board of Morningstar Magazine and contribute an investment data visualization to each issue.

I maintain two Twitter feeds: @davidharrell for data visualization and thoughts on investing and @digitalaudio for the economics of digital content, and I blog about data visualization at Optical Acumen and digital content economics at Digital Audio Insider.

Get in touch:

david [a t] davidharrell dot org

312.555(subtract 57).3281